Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

I haven't been very big on posting the different techniques, colors, and new products I experiment with daily - partially because I have terrible lighting in my house, partially because I feel a little too narcissitic when I take a thousand selfies in a row. But I've decided to start updating this site with the new things I try and today seemed like a good day to start!
This look is great for spring because it's so light. The lips are a Covergirl chapstick that just have a tidbit of color in them which I love because it seems so natural. My eyes in this look are a combination of MAC and Clinique shadows and a no-name pallette from years ago. The part that I love most is the shimmery blue that lines the bottom lashline. Putting a lighter color underneath or in the corners of your eyes will open them up wonderfully. Instead of a harsh line, I used a brown MAC pencil for eyeliner and topped it off with Dior mascara (that I'm obsessed with). The blush/contour I decided to keep light as well and is from Clinique.

Oh, and Happy Easter!

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